About Us

We only started this blog in 2010 but we had been together as a couple for over 10 years, after a few false starts.

We are animal-loving vegetarians, we have a passion for books and reading, we both enjoy using technology, and since 2000 we have run our own business which enables us to work with a wide range of different charities and third sector organisations.

We live in Over Kellet, a small village on the Lancashire - Cumbria border in north-west England.

Lindsey was born in Wales and grew up in Chester and south Cumbria. She studied Linguistics at the University of Liverpool and a PhD in English Literature at Lancaster University.

Chris was born in Brighton, on the south coast, and studied Economics at the University of Birmingham. He moved to Lancashire after he left university and now considers himself 100% naturalised.

We met at work in 1999. Our eyes met across a crowded boardroom. By April 2000 we were a couple as well as enjoying working together. But by the August the two companies that we worked for had been subject to a rather ham-fisted merger and we both realised that we could do a better job working for ourselves.

In November 2000 we started our own business. We usually work two handed so, for 20 years now, we have spent most of our time together - both at home and at work. It's been great!