Book Shopping

Following a trip to the dentist this morning and a delicious bowl of soup in the Tapestry Tea Rooms we set off to Grasmere. We were lured there by Sam Read's bookshop which, in case you haven't been there, is fabulous! To help us get even more into the Christmas spirit there were flutterings of snow and there was an excellent selection of festive treats. My lovely husband, yes, him again, bought:

Christmas with Miss Read
Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol
Simon Armitage's translation of The Death of King Arthur
Several walking books and
Mark Radcliffe's Reelin' in the Years.

Sam Read's bookshop (right) in a slightly snowy Grasmere

I was especially pleased with the Simon Armitage as I loved his translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. This new translation wasn't due out until next year so it was particularly welcome. I'm looking forward to reading it over the Christmas break.