Angela Brazil

I have always loved Angela Brazil. The first titles I bought were paperbacks and published in the early 1970s and I assumed that she had written them in the recent past. As I grew up and started to seek out the titles that were no longer in print I realised that she had been writing during the First World War, between the Wars and during the Second World War. I wondered why her books never seemed dated to me and I realised that it was because of her strong sense of character and place. I have returned to the 50 plus titles she wrote again and again and they never cease to to delight me. I know that many readers find her old fashioned and dated but I have always loved her style and her plots.

I was delighted when I discovered that one of the titles - Bosom Friends - was set in Arnside and Silverdale, as I spent many happy years living here during my teens and my parents still live in the neighbouring village of Sandside.

Early hardback edition and 1970 Armada paperback
Last year I decided to upgrade my collection and collect as many first editions with dust wrappers as possible. I had always vowed not to upgrade books but I just couldn't resist. I promised myself, and my husband, that I would seek out bargains and, by and large, I have succeeded. I have cheated with a few of the very scarce titles and had them as birthday presents. With the exception of For the School Colours and Bosom Friends I now have a full collection of wrappered books. I am still seeking the former book but I have decided not to purchase a dustwrappered Bosom Friends as I prefer the unwrappered boards!

I still have my early paperback editions - they are so pretty that I can't bear to part with them!