My First Kindle Book

I guess that the title is a misnomer - what I am trying to say is, that I have just started reading my first novel on the Kindle. Chris and I have had a Kindle for about eighteeen months now and whilst I have read magazines and articles on it I haven't used it to read a novel yet. Yesterday, however, I discovered that one of my favourite authors - Veronica Stallwood - has published her fourteenth, and final, Kate Ivory novel only as a Kindle novel and I HAD to download it immediately!

I've started reading Oxford Ransom and I am enjoying it but it's definitely not the same as a book. I'm missing the feel of the book in my hand and I do miss the dustwrapper so much. The advent of the Kindle has made me realise how much the actual book matters to me. Obviously the content is the most important aspect of a novel but, whilst the Kindle is great, and without it there probably wouldn't be this last outing for Kate Ivory,  it will never replace the printed article for me.

So, overall I'm in favour of the Kindle and I'm particularly excited at the possibility of my favourite authors publishing e books as well as books which have been out of print for years, becoming available as e books and therefore finally available to read now!