Sensation Fiction

As the days are getting colder I've decided that it's time to curl up by the fire and read some stonking Victorian fiction! I love long novels, especially those published in at least three volumes! The longer the better. I have a particular affection for sensation fiction - Ellen Wood, M E Braddon and Wilkie Collins amongst others. East Lynne is one of my favourite novels of all times but I also very much enjoy Ellen Wood's more obscure novels - Bessy Rane and Anne Hereford, to name but two.

Wilkie Collins is a brilliant writer and he is an excellent exponent of the sensation genre. His fiction includes a blind heroine - Poor Miss Finch; a bigamous marriage - The Law and the Lady; illegitimacy - No Name and, of course, The Woman in White and The Moonstone, both excellent detective fiction. One of the things I love about Wilkie Collins is how he introduces the reader to obscure legal history.

Anyway, I'll browse the bookshelves and decide what to read; maybe Collins' Armadale, a novel I have never read and which, I believe, is one of his best.