The Pirates of Penzance

What a musical weekend! Yesterday, the Tallis Scholars and today, the Pirates of Penzance also at the Bridgewater Hall. What a wonderful production starring Alistair McGowan as The Pirate King, leading an all-star cast of Savoyards in a concert performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s swashbuckling masterpiece.

Orphaned pirates, flat footed policemen and a bevy of blushing maidens are the ingredients of this much loved masterpiece, which overflows with the brilliant wit and memorable music that are the hallmark of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Sullivan’s ever popular score contains some of his most beautiful writing as Gilbert, in his most topsy turvy of all plots, leads us through the swashbuckling world of young Frederic, the Pirate apprentice, who was born on February 29th in a leap year and therefore won’t be 21 and come of age until he is 84!

I love Gilbert and Sullivan and fortunately I have a Gilbert and Sullivan buddy, Bernie, with whom to enjoy the operas.