Bath and Threepenny Bit

Whilst in Bath I was determined to visit Abbey Green and, in spite of the weather, we included it in our perambulations on our final day.

My reason for being determined to see Abbey Green was due to one of my favourite writer's books - Jane Shaw's Threepenny Bit using the Green as an important setting for her book.

In the book Penny, her sister Jill and their friends Laura and John Mallory, visit Bath and spend some time in Abbey Green's antique shops.

I love the Penny books - there are six of them - as well as all the other Jane Shaw books - there are over 50 titles. Whilst they are children's novels Jane Shaw has a marvellous ability to create memorable and funny characters as well as giving the reader a real sense of the places which are settings for her books.

Anyway, in spite of the torrential rain I enjoyed my visit to Abbey Green. I think the shop in the photo is the same as the shop in Gilbert Dunlop's illustration for Threepenny Bit with a bit of poetic licence.

This is me in the photograph looking like a drowned rat! I wasn't expecting to be photographed but you can never trust the photographer!

I hope the weather is more clement when we return in the Summer and I can enjoy another pilgrimage, and possibly, a more flattering photograph!