The City of Gold

From the windows of my hotel, as I looked out on the quiet crescent of houses, a glowing sunset made Bath a city of gold. I began to wonder about the many famous figures who had walked these noble pavements, whose sedan-chairs have been set down in many a stately doorway…

Like Cecil Roberts, we spent an enjoyable weekend in Bath which is proving a useful halfway house between north Cornwall and north Lancashire and therefore a good place to meet up with Lindsey's sister and brother-in-law.

Unlike our first visit, in April, the weather was kind to us and we had two days of beautiful autumn sunshine which was magnificent on the golden leaves and the warm Cotswold stone. At this time of year it truly is a city of gold.

On Sunday afternoon, as we walked back from the shops to the guest house via Royal Crescent, we watched a number of hot air balloons taking off from Royal Victoria Park which added a certain magic to the already fabulous surroundings.

Other hot air balloon operators are available
The day was rounded off with an enjoyable evening at the Theatre Royal, being entertained by Fascinating Aïda - modern day cabaret singers with a repertoire of topical, satirical songs which vary from risqué to the downright rude! Most of audience was laughing out loud all the way through although a small number - mostly men - clearly didn't approve.

Perhaps they thought that they had bought tickets for Verdi's opera...?