Fascinating Aida

Fascinating Aida performed their Cheap Flights tour at the Theatre Royal in Bath in October. We stayed in our favourite vegetarian guest house with my sister and brother in law and enjoyed a fabulous performance.

They performed many of their best songs including, of course, Cheap Flights, Dogging and Tesco Saves. They were wonderful! Their first song set the tone for the evening and many people in the audience looked somewhat bemused! Two men in front of us in the audience sat, stony faced, through the whole evening. They never smiled or laughed at all. We suspected that they had no idea what they had agreed to see! Even Dogging didn't raise a smile!

I'm not sure which song is my favourite, possibly Tesco Saves or Dogging. All the songs are so wonderful and funny. Dilly Keane is a sort of ruder version of Victoria Wood. They also performed a wonderful song in the German cabaret style which so suited Adele Anderson's voice and demeanour.

All in all, a wonderfully funny and uplifting evening. This was the first time we had seen Fascinating Aida live but it won't be the last......