Delta Pens' Lifetime Product Support

On our first trip to Florence in 2002 we stumbled upon a lovely pen shop on Via De Guicciardini near the Ponte Vecchio and it was here that I discovered the beauty of Delta pens. Lindsey gave me my first Delta fountain pen - with a deep bugundy, marbled barrel and a silver engraved nib. Since then she has bought me several more and I now have a nice collection of these beautiful writing devices.

Pens are for writing with and, unlike some collectors, I use all of my pens regularly. The drawback is that they suffer wear and tear. Earlier this year one of my pens - a red Delta Nautilus ballpoint with a silver sleeve - needed a repair and I was prepared for a long and expensive process.

Through a UK retailer I obtained the email address of Delta's UK-based agent. Based on a couple of photos I sent him he gave me an estimate and a UK address to send my pen to. From there it was sent to Italy for repair and returned to me a couple of weeks later after the modest payment of £30. Now my lovely pen is good as new and back in regular use.
My Delta Nautilus is now good as new