J Herbin's Beautiful Inks

I love writing with different coloured inks depending on the subject matter and my own mood. For some time I have used turquoise ink for everyday writing. I used to love filling my pens from Waterman's angular ink bottle with its French description "Encre bleu des mers du sud" but they have recently changed the name to "Inspired blue" - not very inspiring.

Anyway, much as I love bottled ink, I now use cartridges for reasons of convenience. I avoid blue and black (and blue-black) but there are still some colours to go at in the most popular brands like Waterman and Pelikan - turquoise, red, purple and a few others.

These are fine but I have recently had my eyes opened by J Herbin inks. J Herbin has been making ink in its Paris shop since 1670 and, as you might expect, they have by now perfected the product.
"Black Tea"
"Periwinkle Blue"
"Blackcurrent Tears"

The ink is made in 30 different colours and supplied in either square bottles with beautiful labels or as 6 cartridges (or "cartouches") in small aluminium canisters. The colours even have lovely names: prairie green, forget-me-not blue, cloudy grey...

So I am now trying out a few different colours to see which ones suit my mood.