Mary Gervaise

I have been collecting Mary Gervaise novels for a few years now and, after I'd managed to find the more usual, and available titles, I started looking for those which are harder to find.

Until last year I had managed to acquire all the books except two: The Black Castle Mystery and The Keppelthwaite Mystery. I started to think that I would NEVER find them. Then, earlier this year, whilst idly browsing on Abebooks, I stumbled upon The Black Castle Mystery. Wow! So exciting! Then, just after Christmas, one of my favourite sellers on EBay listed The Keppelthwaite Mystery and I had serious palpitations. A couple of emails later and the book was mine!

I can't really describe the joy I felt when the parcel arrived. I had never expected to own this book especially as I believed that the publisher, Frederick Warne, pulped most of the books published during the late 1930s as their bit to help the war effort! Even better, the book is in its original dust wrapper which helps add to the atmosphere.

Anyway, I've almost finished reading this lovely book and it has certainly lived up to expectations so far. A really great story with excellent characters. I can't imagine why it wasn't republished, and why it has all but faded into obscurity. What a great find!