A G&S Fest

The year has got off to a good start with two Gilbert and Sullivan performances - Manchester MUGSS and Hornby Occassionals performing The Grand Duke and The Gondoliers respectively.

I love both of these shows. The Grand Duke was exciting because it is only the second time I have seen it performed and The Gondoliers has always been a firm favourite. Both Bernie, my G&S mate, and I, felt that MUGSS' performance of the Grand Duke was really good. They simplified the plot and concentrated on the main plot rather than meandering around the various sub plots which Gilbert developed. This resulted in a very strong perfomance and one which avoided the compexities of the last performance we saw in Buxton.

The Gondoliers was great. The Hornby Occasionals fill the stage and there are many really good voices amongst the cast. The plot of the Gondoliers is silly and really amusing and it has some of the best words and tunes in the G&S oeuvre. I particularly love "in enterprise of martial kind" and "rising early in the morning".

Not long until Buxton now..............