Library Career Novels

Last week I was so excited. A book friend of mine emailed me with the most fabulous news, she had found a copy of one of the most sought after girls' career novels - Molly Qualifies as a Librarian. And the best news of all: it was all mine!

I have been looking for this Bodley Head career novel for years. It's been on the top of my wants' list for so long that I had completely given up hope of ever finding it! I managed to find its companion volume a fews years ago but Molly Qualifies has remained elusive for so long....

Molly Hilton: Library Assistant is equally scarce and I am delighted to now have both books in my possession and sitting next to each other on the bookshelf.

I'm not sure why both books are so hard to find. The other Bodley Head career novels are fairly scarce but nothing compared to these two books. I wonder if the changes in library qualifications in the 1960s caused the boooks to fall into obscurity.

Pat MacDonald: Sales Assistant is scarce and I've always assumed that is because 1950's parents aspired to more than "shop work" for their daughters. This title certainly never made it into our  school library in the 1970s. I imagine parents would have been appalled at the prospect of their daughters serving in a shop!

Amonngst the other career titles published by Bodley Head are policewoman, author, bookseller, air hostess, fashion student, telephonist, florist and physiotherapist.

I love their colourful dustwrappers and the post war exuberance that they evoke. I also love the sense of endless possibilites that they engendered.