Bee Hotel

Hotel du Miel?
We all know that the bees are in trouble and that we're all doomed because without them plants would not be pollinated. What I never realised was that the majority of bee species are solitary: they don't live in colonies but prefer to live on their own. In fact there are over 200 species of solitary bees, all excellent for pollinating plants.

We thought we'd try to help by setting up a bee nesting box to encourage them into our garden.The solitary bees are attracted to the hollow bamboo which simulates the hollow reeds or twigs which they naturally use for a nest.

Although the solitary bees are female, we like to think of them as gentleman bachelor bees, while our nesting box is a Bee Hotel for them. Like any new hotel, it takes a while for word to get around and our occupancy rate is still quite low. But I'm sure that some positive reviews on TripAdvizzzor this summer will help to increase occupancy...