Cooling Down In Edinburgh

We've had a bit of a heatwave for the past week or so with temperatures well up into the mid-20s and temperatures inside offices where we work hitting the low-30s (that's high-80s in Fahrenheit). Whilst this 'proper summer' has been very welcome, it's also nice to have the opportunity to cool down.

So having browsed the BBC weather website we decided on a day in Edinburgh where the forecast was for a cooler day with some cloud cover. We always love a day in Edinburgh at this time of year so we didn't think twice.

The drive up through Cumbria and the Scottish borders was beautiful and the approach along the A702, through the Clyde Valley and the Pentland Hills, gives such a sense of space. During the last 20 miles, as we approached the city, we watched the temperature drop from 25 degrees to 18. Mission accomplished!

We both agree: there isn't anything specific we love about Edinburgh: it's just the whole vibe of the place. There's so much energy, so much going on. The architecture is grand and imposing but the broad streets have a such a feeling of space. People seem to enjoy being there.

Our favourite part is the Old Town, especially around Grassmarket, nestled under the castle. We stopped for a drink and a quick browse at the National Library of Scotland, just off Grassmarket, and then we just wandered around, soaking it all up - and cooling down.

A quick bite to eat al fresco at Zizzi and then we set off south, arriving home - in broad daylight - about 9.30pm.
A sense of space yet only 20 miles from the capital city

Interesting architecture

Specialist shops around the Grassmarket area

I J Mellis, Cheesemonger - one of our favourites
Lots going on at St Giles Cathedral

One of the interesting alleyways off the Royal Mile

John Knox's house

Interesting windows

Another interesting lane, this time off Canongate

Canongate Kirk

Canongate Kirk's churchyard overlooked by ancient buildings