The Western Howgills

This afternoon we spent a couple of hours in Sedbergh, a small town in the Yorkshire Dales, and as we left we decided to take a bit of a mystery tour. So we headed out of town along Howgill Lane to see where it took us.

We climbed out of the town and were immediately on narrow country lanes with high hedges on either side. We were soon enjoying beautiful views to the west - views of lush fields with hills and the Cumbrian mountains in the distance.
On the way there were plenty of examples of old dry stone walls.

There had been heavy rain and the becks which cross the road were all full.

We soon found ourselves at Beck Foot and its ancient pack horse bridge across the River Lune. The river was high and fast flowing and we stopped to enjoy some fresh air.

Crossing the River Lune requires some concentration - the bridge is only a few inches wider than our Mini in places. Goodness knows how the Google Streetview car managed it.

Low Gill viaduct which used to carry trains on the Ingleton branch line through Sedbergh is just as impressive even though it has been disused for 50 years. From Beck Foot it towers above, with the M6 in the distance and our 20 minute drive home.