Arnside Tower

Today was a fairly busy day but despite this we managed to squeeze in a quick walk to Arnside Tower. It was a very blustery day and we certainly achieved our aim of getting out and blowing away the cobwebs.

Arnside Tower is a 15th century pele tower, built near the edge of Morecambe Bay to protect people and livestock from invaders.

It's in a fairly poor state of repair now but is still a very impressive structure with walls several feet thick.

As with many ancient structures, Arnside Tower is now surrounded by farmland and seems rather incongruous - given its purpose during the time of invasions - in the ultimate peaceful setting with the gentle bleating of sheep in the background.

Today was a cooler and more windy day with cloud cover. As we walked to the tower and back, the light changed and helped to warm up the limestone walls to a honey coloured glow.

A little bit of history on a Sunday afternoon.