A Circuit of Latterbarrow

Latterbarrow, between Lake Windermere and Hawkshead, gives 360° views of the whole of south lakes: from the Coniston fells and Langdale Pikes right across to the Howgills in the east and Morecambe Bay in the south.

But not today. As we parked the car in Hawkshead and started our walk, the clouds were low and the summit with its distinctive cairn was hidden. So instead we decided on a longer walk, making a large horse-shoe just south of the summit.

Slate 'fences' are typical of the area

The crocuses reminded us that it was only just March
After a short ascent we had a fine view of Hawkshead's whitewashed houses
Almost all the world's Herdwick sheep are in the Lake District, thanks to the enthusiasm of Beatrix Potter
Lily Tarn, now overgrown with vegetation
The woods were eerie on this murky day
As we started our descent we entered another dark wood
Unlike the earlier wood, this one was coniferous
A lightning strike, perhaps?
The final descent back to Colthouse
We had seen plenty of fast-flowing water all day and had walked through quite a lot of it!