An Evening of G&S in Hornby

So, the Gilbert and Sullivan season is upon us once more and we kicked off 2014 with a double bill of HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury in Hornby.

The Hornby Occasionals always put on an excellent performance and this time they excelled themselves with two shows for the price of one!

Pinafore was excellent with a cast in really good voice. At times the stage, which is only small, seemed to be a bit too full but it's always better to have too many performers rather than too few. Buttercup gave a particularly good performance and she was ably supported by Sir Joseph Porter, Ralph Rackstraw and Josephine as well as a full complement of "sisters, cousins and wives".

The second half gave us Trial by Jury, not one of my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan operas, but the Hornby Occasionals did give a good performance and I enjoyed it!

It was performed in modern dress amd I loved the hen party themed costumes. The story concerns a "breach of promise of marriage" lawsuit in which the judge and legal system are the objects of lighthearted satire.
All in all a very enjoyable evening's entertainment and an excellent  entree to the Gilbert and Sullivan season!