The Gondoliers

I've had a bit of a theatre extravaganza this week. Firstly, The Last Days of Troy at The Royal Exchange in Manchester, next Under Milk Wood at The Playhouse in Liverpool, and then, finally, on Saturday, a matinee performance of Opera della Luna's The Gondoliers at The Lowry at Salford Quays.

I always forget that I love The Gondoliers and that every song is a favourite. When I list my top Gilbert and Sullivan operas I think that my favourites are: Iolanthe, The Mikado and Ruddigore; I forget that The Gondoliers has so many fabulous tunes and wonderful characters. I also forget how much I enjoy the opera.

I think I've probably said this before about The Gondoliers! Maybe next time I'm booking some G & S I won't forget and I'll put it first on the list.