It's here!

A few days ago our super-duper fast broadband connection was completed and we are now live. The theoretical download speed is 1,000mbps and we are currently getting around 930 - the limiting factor seems to be the speed of the server at the other end!

The work was completely painless. Allen, a local B4RN volunteer had already run the orange cable to the house, then the black cable to the study window, then the white cable into the house. The final step was the installation of the new router and the flick of a switch. First stop was a speed test website which confirmed the amazing speed.

I emailed my brother, who has a fairly fast BT connection, and he asked me to confirm: was I really claiming our connection is 65 times faster than his (perfectly respectable) 15mbps? Yes, I had to answer, that is indeed correct.

Now we just need to work out what to do with all that bandwidth.