My First HD Webcam

I've been looking for a high definition webcam for a while without success. Reviewers of domestic models always seemed to refer to the 'poor picture quality' while the more professional webcams tended to be bulky and cost several hundred pounds.

However, I recently noticed the awkwardly named uCam 247-1080i on Amazon and it seemed to be what I've been looking for. Offering full 1080 resolution in a compact form factor, the webcam also had a number of good features including night vision claims, fairly wide angle lens and multiple, simultaneous video streams. As Amazon's reviewers were generally positive I though it was worth a look.

Oddly, the camera arrived in a sealed box which had the specification for the lower resolution (640x480) model printed on the outside. There was just a plain sticky label saying that this was the HD version. So before I'd even opened the box I was mentally preparing to return it and was feeling somewhat negative about my purchase.

But I didn't need to. This is a good quality camera with full HD (1920x1080) output. In fact, it outputs 3 streams simultaneously so you can have 1920x1080 for your website and a lower resolution to view on your phone, for example. Mine is looking out of a window across a field but I've also used it looking across a room, so I've looked at objects near and far. Good features are:
- Crisp picture at 1080p, whether closeup objects or distant views
- All 3 video streams are adjustable in terms of resolution, bitrate etc
- Wide angle lens, 90 degree (horizontal) field
- Sees in the dark very well with its IR LEDs - the claim of 15 metres seems justified
- Sees very well in low light - the picture goes a bit grainy as the light lowers but it can definitely see better in low light than I can
- Setup utility is simple and easy to use
- Cloud service and Android app work well - just type in the unique number printed on the camera and its password and you see the lower resolution stream from your camera
This picture was taken at 4am in July - the only light is from the full moon
 Some small negatives, none of which bother me:
- There are no adjustable settings for the picture (focus, contrast, brighness etc) everything is fully automatic
- The wide angle lens gives a slight fish-eye effect
- Instruction leaflet is short and sweet
- If you want to set up on a PC you have to go to website and download the Windows utility
- Ideally, I would prefer slightly more saturated colours - deep green grass looks just a bit washed out

All in all a camera which I would highly recommend at a very fair price.
The same view on a fine summer's morning