A Pair of Arnsides in a Weekend

Arnside, n. - Place name in Cumbria, from Old Norse Arni (given name) and sætr (mountain pasture).

There is, in fact, more than one place named Arnside in Cumbria. This weekend, with the cooler weather, we re-started our country walking and decided to do two Arnsides.

The first was Arnside Tarn, near Coniston.
As we walked to the tarn we saw plenty of funghi

Water lillies on Tarn Hows
We came across this fallen tree looking like an elephant's head (with trunk) attached to a crocodile's body
Definitely an elephant
Arnside Tarn - a peaceful spot

Beautiful tree bark
First some rain...

...then we were rewarded with a rainbow
Our second Arnside was Arnside Knott, located on the River Kent estuary as it flows into Morecambe Bay. A quick but steep ascent gives a wonderful view across the bay.
The weather was a bit unpredictable
It brightened up a bit, giving clearer views

Looking back up the River Kent, across the railway viaduct
Planty of blackberries growing amongst the heather
So, a pair of Arnsides to get us back into the mood for walking. What next - a trio of.....