Mulberry Bags

I realise that I have never posted about one of my passions: Mulberry bags. Chris often posts about one of his passions: beautiful pens, so now it's my turn!

I started collecting Mulberry back in the late 1980s when Dad bought me a Mulberry filofax from a boutique in Kendal. It was beautiful and I used it for years, until the mobile phone and hand held computer took over. By then, I had acquired a small Mulberry saddle bag and a larger pink rucksack. This remained the extent of my Mulberry collection for many years until my lovely husband started buying me a bag for Christmas or birthday or simply as a treat!

By now I have a very large collection of bags and my favourite designs are Bayswater, Antony and Alexa. Recently I have fallen in love with the Del Rey and the Lily. I scoured the internet for a ZigZag Lily after I realised, too late, that I adored her! By this time all the shops in the UK had sold out but I managed to find one in Italy! It's simply beautiful and I love her!

Amongst my favourite bags are my Pickle Alexa and a Bluebell Bayswater. I loved the Bluebell so much that I also bought an Alexa as well! In the sale, of course!

There are just so many beautiful Mulberry bags. The Manchester Mulberry store is our favourite store but Chris and I often pop into outlet stores in York, Bicester and Cheshire Oaks as well and we often pick up a bargain or two. Chris has a small collection of Mulberry bags, too.