Canon Rawnsley's March at the Lakes

Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley writes in Months at the Lakes:

There are two birds and one flower which have quite made up their minds that purple March was especially meant to show their beauty off to full perfection, and we welcome them both to the English Lakeland as harbingers of Spring - the yellow wagtail and the yellow bunting, and the golden daffodil. The coltsfoot is scarcely yet in beauty on the railway embankment that faces the south, but there is hardly an orchard where the daffodil has not bent his spear and turned his hint of warfare to a loving-cup of gold, and though not yet the willows have changed their silver buds to honey-scented flower of radiant sun, the celandine is bright in the hedgerows, ... and not a hazel copse in the dale but has hung out its yellow catkins....

So, this picture is a bit of a cheat! It's Dora's Field in Rydal but last year not this year. Hopefully, we'll manage a visit over the next couple of weeks to enjoy the daffodils.