Potter Tarn

After our last walk, we returned to Staveley today to find one of the tarns above the village.

It was a fine, warm day and the walk had a bit more of a climb than we expected so by the time we arrived at Potter Tarn we were ready for a bit of a rest. We didn't stop long, however, as it was very windy.

We enjoyed the ancient place names from long lost languages which reminded us how long people have been settled in the area: Hundhowe, Spring Hag, Beckmickle Ing, Hagg Foot, Piked Howe...
Descending towards Frost Hole

Getting through the farm yard at Frost Hole took a bit longer than normal, thanks to the sheep dogs, cockerels and large, white geese. We looked for an alternative way to cross the stream but drew a blank. So we girded our loins and went through the gate - to be greeted by the farmer who helpfully showed us the path up to the tarn.
Potter Tarn on a bright, blustery day

The outflow from Potter Tarn is a series of lovely waterfalls

Outflow from Ghyll Pool

We saw plenty of wildlife...

... and the primulas were everywhere

Ancient barn at Hund Howe farm