Visconti and Salvador Dali

Last Christmas I received another fine pen from Lindsey and, having enjoyed it for a few months, I thought it was time to write about it. It is the Visconti Salvador Dali ball-point pen in brown.

Visconti is one of my favourite manufacturers: all their pens are hand made in their factory in Florence, Italy.

Their Salvador Dali Dance of Time I edition is especially striking. Inspired by the eccentric Spanish artist, Visconti has added some fun details to their standard range. These include the iconic Dali melting watch, which has been added to the arched clip; and Dali's signature on the gold ring that goes half way down the pen.

Dali used the melting watch in several of his works to indicate the passage of time and the Visconti addition is a perfect reproduction of it, flowing over the clip.

As always, the pen oozes quality. The cap-twist action is so smooth. The weight and balance is just perfect. And the marbled finish of the 'variegated vegetal resin' is a unique piece of art in itself.

The Dali extras add just enough without dominating the design of the pen.
Dali's signature on the gold band

The iconic melting watch flowing over the clip

Visconti has added just enough to recognise Dali, without distracting from the primary purpose as a writing instrument. All in all another beautiful pen to add to the growing collection - and a perfect companion for my Van Gogh Sunflowers fountain pen.