Canon Rawnsley's June at the Lakes

I don't know where June went.... but suddenly it's July and I haven't posted Canon Rawnsley's thoughts on June. So, better late than never.... return for a moment to the general colouring of June. It may be said that, putting aside the vivid emerald of the bilberry on the heights and the lesser vivid green of the bracken at the base of the hills, the general hue of our fellside covering is a green with a slight wash of coral-pink in it. A peculiar lilac grey is seen to be an undertone of the new green that clothes the lower slopes, the grey green of a new mown field of hay that has felt one day of summer sun.

One is sometimes asked what is the individuality of June as regards the colour of the hills. There is in June an absence of that blend of peacock green and blue which was noticeable in May. But a peculiar mixture of slate and hyacinth blue is perceivable in the distances... marvellous purple shadows are seen to lie on softest greens right up to the sky line, and whilst the valleys swim in silver mist, the upper fells are clear, as if drawn in a silhouette upon a canvas of opal heaven.