Much Ado About Nothing in the Bodleain Quad

We had a wonderful day on Saturday - we drove down to Oxford where we enjoyed a couple of hours mooching around Blackwells and then along Broad Street. We had a lovely meal in the King's Arms,  the pub on Holywell Street opposite the Bodleain Library, and then..... we had tickets to see Shakespeare's Globe on tour, performing Much Ado About Nothing in the Bodleain Quad. What a fabulous day!

The Bodleain Quad is a fantastic venue for the production. The play starts off in broad daylight but by the interval the dusk is settling, the lights come on and the atmosphere is indescribable.

Shakespeare's Globe entertained us with a feast of dancing, music, singing and acting. There were six actors, all playing multiple parts, and they were brilliant. Beatrice and Benedick provided the best entertainment with their witty and cutting quips. Hero and Claudio gave a convincing portayal of young love, although I always find Claudio's response to Hero's supposed unfaithfulness difficult. Even allowing for changing social norms and moral attitudes I can never quite embrace their eventual marriage. But, Beatrice and Benedick's more mature love is lovely to watch.

It was a wonderful evening's entertainment and well worth the long drive home afterwards.