Books, books and more books

It's been a few months since I had the time in my life to blog regularly.... moving house has taken up an awful lot of my life recently!! The main reason for this has been the all consuming task of moving thousands of books. We reckon that we've packed and unpacked and shelved about 20,000 books and there are still about 6,000 left to pack and bring to the new house. Chris has designed some wonderful shelves and we were so lucky to find Anthony to build them for us. The new shelves are absolutely fantastic - I am thrilled!

The move has given us the opportunity to organise our books. So many of our acquisitions over the last few years have just been piled up in corners and inaccessible. The joy of the new house is that there is plenty of space. Believe me, it really is the final frontier.

So, here are a few photos of our books in their new home.

The sitting room is home to my collection of girls' fiction, with an occasional Jennings and Billy Bunter! For the first time ever, books are clustered in sets and by author. It's so wonderful to be able to find books!
One corner of the living room is now my cosy corner, filled with gentle crime fiction.

Our antiquarian collection is all clustered together and feeling very much at home.

We've only got the attic to shelve and fill now and then I can get down to some serious reading!!