City Walls, Chester

As we were in Chester for work we decided to walk round the walls and fortunately, we managed most of the walk before the heavens opened and it started raining!
I grew up in Chester and spent many a happy hour strolling round the city enjoying the views from its walls and it was only recently that I realised that Chris had never done the full walk and enjoyed this unique example of Chester's history.

Chester's city walls are the most complete circuit of a Roman and Medieval defensive town wall in the UK. The walls were built originally by the Romans and they survived after they departed in 400 AD. In 907 AD the Saxons refortified Chester and between 1120 AD and 1350 AD the circuit of the walls was completed. Chester's Norman earls repaired and restored the existing walls and built the southern and eastern sides facing the river. In the Middle Ages, tall projecting towers and impressive gateways were added.

Chester's walls are testimony to the city's history and today are a massive attraction for tourists. I have always loved the fact that when you walk round the walls you are frequently only a stone's throw away from the bustling shops and shoppers and yet you feel miles and years away from the business and busyness of the town.

We started our circuit on the walls near the Amphitheatre and Pepper Street and we walked anti-clockwise around the city. We admired the newly restored clock on Eastgate and gazed down on the Cathedral and the Bell Tower which was officially opened in 1975 with a selection of schoolchildren ringing the bells, including me! We continued our walk past Abbey Green. My memories of Abbey Green are mixed. I love the old houses and the proximity to the Cathedral but I remember all too clearly my ABSRM music exams in one of the houses on the Green!

The circuit continues past Chester Castle, the Roo Dee and the Racecourse and then onto the river Dee and the famous weir. We completed the circuit just as the heavens opened and the rain started.

Such a lovely walk and lovely escapism on a work day!