Ruddigore in Tatton Park

What a wonderful evening's entertainment with Illyria at Tatton Park on Sunday evening joined by Bernie and Bernie's Mum.

The weather was so beautiful, it was such a golden evening. I'd delayed buying the tickets in case of torrential rain, but I needn't have worried. It was just perfect for sitting on the grass enjoying a sparkling rendition of Ruddigore with a glass of sparkling fizz!

The performance was outside the Old Hall which is the quietest part of Tatton Park well away from the hustle and bustle of the Flower Show and Food Fair.

We had a picnic before the show surrounded by the deer which roam the park - perfect!

Ruddigore is my absolute favourite Gilbert and Sullivan opera and, because of complicated scenery changes, it's not performed as often as I would like. Illyria delivered a wonderful performance with only six actors.

Ruddigore has one of the  best plots in all of G & S's operas - a bad bart, a haunted house, love stories and, of course, a happy ending - bliss!

Ruddigore also has one of my favourite admonishments.... directed at Mad Margaret by Sir Despard Murgatroyd "Basingstoke, Margaret, Basingstoke"!! The very mention of such a dull place is intended to bring Margaret to her senses and deter her from any wild flights of fancy.

The opera also contains some of Sullivan's best tunes and Gilbert's best lyrics. I love the way Sullivan moves between major and minor keys which creates the spookiness needed for the 
ghost scenes and the jolliness for the village scenes.

All in all, we had a lovely evening and a good practice for a summer of Gilbert and Sullivan to come!