We thought Porto looked like a good place for a mini-break in April. While the UK temperatures are still struggling to get into double figures, Porto enjoys warmer weather. We weren't disappointed.

There are many churches: this is Igreja de Santo Antonio dos Congregados
The typical ornate baroque interior contrasts with the more plain exterior
Tiles are everywhere in Porto - here on the outside of an apartment block
... on the floor of a church
Often the tiles make a detailed picture
Tiles are used to decorate entire walls - here on the Chapel of Souls on Rua de Santa Catarina
Porto has lots of very steep streets. This is Rua de 31 de Janeiro with one of the vintage trams
In the evening we went down the steep streets to the banks of the River Douro, passing these old cottages
The iconic Dom Luis bridge was designed by Theophile Seyrig, the business partner of Gustave Eiffel
We loved Porto. It's an interesting place with a definite buzz. As well as the tourist sights and interesting shops, we enjoyed the veggie-friendly Portuguese food (no need to resort to pizzas here!) and the excellent hotel which was perfectly located for us.

I think we'll be booking another trip quite soon.