Brothers Water

Last week we took a sneaky afternoon off work and headed up to Brothers Water. It was such a beautiful day and too good to miss the opportunity of fresh air and natural beauty.

We set off from Cow Bridge, at the head of Brothers Water and where Dorothy Wordsworth, having left William sitting on  the bridge, walked beside the lake on 16 April 1802, delighted with

"...the boughs of the bare old trees, the simplicity of the mountains, and the exquisite beauty of the path...the gentle flowing of the stream, the glittering, lively lake, green fields without a living creature to be seen on them."

It was also here that Wordsworth wrote his simple poem "Written in March"

The cock is crowing,   
The stream is flowing,   
The small birds twitter,   
The lake doth glitter,   
The green field sleeps in the sun....

We had a wonderful walk and enjoyed the lambs, sunshine and glittering lake.