A Spot of G&S in Buxton

It's that time of year already: time for a spot of Gilbert and Sullivan at the Opera House in Buxton. Whilst the main G&S Festival has moved to Harrogate - boo, hiss! - there are still a small number of performances in Buxton. This year Bernie and I chose Derby G&S Society's Iolanthe and the G&S Opera Company's Mikado.

Both performances were absolutely splendid and the Opera House is a lovely venue to enjoy the spectacle with some fellow G&S enthusiasts.

Whilst I enjoyed both performances, I think that the Mikado was my favourite. I love the music and the words are wonderful. There are so many occasions (normally at work!) when I find myself quoting Ko Ko's immortal lines:

When your Majesty says, "Let a thing be done," it's as good as done — practically, it is done — because your Majesty's will is law. Your Majesty says, "Kill a gentleman," and a gentleman is told off to be killed. Consequently, that gentleman is as good as dead — practically, he is dead — and if he is dead, why not say so?

We are going to Harrogate this year. For just one performance: Princess Ida. I'm very much looking forward to the Opera Company's interpretation.....