Dunhill Sentryman

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be given a Dunhill Sentryman Rollerball pen. And what a pen!
Carbon fibre adds strength without weight

The first thing you notice is how solid it feels, but without being too heavy. This is a clue to its special ingredient: the Sentryman is made of carbon fibre, encased in resin. This is the same substance that aircraft wings are made of, making them amazingly strong yet light.

Palladium-plated accents and the 'd' logo
The pen is nicely balanced in the hand and is beautifully engineered, some would say over-engineered.

Complementing the carbon fibre is the metalwork made of palladium- plated brass. The silvery-white palladium has a matt finish and offsets the dark grey of the pen, giving a visually balanced finish.

The clip is hinged rather than the more usual sprung and is attached to a band with the name 'Alfred Dunhill' etched on it. The finial carries the iconic 'd' logo

As a rollerball, the quality of the writing naturally depends on the quality of the refill. I tend to use a wet ink rollerball refill but some brands can be a bit leaky which is annoying. Having tried several brands, my favourite is the Parker standard (G2) refill. There doesn't seem to be any benefit from spending more on the refills.

The Sentryman is an attractive and robust pen. It looks indestructable and despite being several years old it still looks good as new. I am sure it will give me many more years of good service.