Return to Grizedale

Last Saturday we had a few spare hours so we returned to Grizedale Forest for a limb-loosening walk.

The weather was perect for a walk in the woods - damp, slightly misty and with a very light drizzle. Although it was only the second day of autumn there was no doubt that we were now in the 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'.
Vegetation starting to turn brown and die back

The light drizzle and mist created a perfect atmosphere

A cobweb's design picked out by the fine drizzle

Conifers as far as you can see

Grizedale Beck was flowing fast thanks to recent rain

The moss was nearer yellow than green

Mists drifted past

The drizzle formed droplets on the pine needles

Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) - toxic to us but not to other more slippery visitors