Matt and Phreds

A few weeks ago (fuelled by alcohol at the Whisky Barn) we booked tickets to see Dean Friedman at Matt and Phred's in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Now, we're not Dean Friedman fans, so the morning after we had some regrets and more than a dash of apprehension. Our friends assured us that he's a wonderful live performer but still..... We could only think of one of his songs: Lucky Stars. Not very encouraging.

So, the weeks passed and yesterday the moment of truth arrived!

Now, I should say that Matt and Phred's is cool, achingly cool! So this was a plus. And they serve excellent beer and pizza. Extra plus.

So we took a big chill pill about the main attraction and decided to just relax and go with the flow.

So, imagine our suprise. Dean Friedman is excellent. Forget Lucky Stars, his music is beautiful. He still has a great voice, plays the guitar and piano and is an excellent raconteur.

We had a fabulous night. I'm not sure we're groupies.... yet.

His best song was The Lakelands

In the morning mist in the Northern Fells
Under a precipice where the hill spirits dwell
That’s where we first kissed under some ancient spell

Off to Cumbria on holiday
You came to walk to the Fells and I showed you the way
And off a wooded path in the moss we lay

Down through Ulverston and Buttermere
Up top Castle Rig where the air is clear.
I know when I think of her I can’t stay here.

I have to say that this was totally unexpected from the singer who brought us Lucky Stars!!