A Day Round Ullswater

With the weather looking favourable, we set off to spend some time round Ullswater.

A quick run up the M6 took us to Penrith where our first stop was Brunswick Yard, a chaotic mix of architectural antiques, bookshop, café, wine merchant and other interesting stuff.
Just round the corner are the ruins of Penrith Castle so we strolled over and enjoyed the sunshine in the grounds, contemplating what life must have been like living in fear of attacks from the Scots.
Our afternoon was spent in a very different place. Crossing the M6, we meandered to Ullswater where we took the less travelled road along the southern side of the lake. Less travelled because the road ultimately leads to a dead-end in the remote, untouched area of Martindale.

Ancient farm buildings

Looking towards Beda Fell and The Nab

How they keep the grass under control in the church yard
St Martin's church
The simplicity of the church building
Two rows of pews and a pulpit

The church building dates from the late 1500s although there has been a church here since the early 1200s. Inside the church is about as simple as you can find with just pews, a pulpit and an altar. The stone font dates from Roman times.
The Roman font
Driving back down towards the lake and Pooley Bridge we enjoyed the most amazing views across the water.
Ullswater laid out before us

The lake and Howtown to the right
After a well-earned late lunch in Pooley Bridge it was time to return to the twenty-first century by way of the M6.