Speak Like an Anglo-Saxon: Cynicism/Realism

There are a lot of things to be cynical about in the world today. The way states are governed; the financial system; the size of portions of chocolate bars... Where are the people who used to govern us fairly and justly? We're not alone in this sentiment. Maybe I'm feeling extra cynical at the moment as I watch strange events unfolding before my eyes.

Way back, the voice in the poem we know as the Seafarer felt the same thing and I'm not sure he was just being cynical:

Gedroren is þeos duguð eal;   dreamas sind gewitene.
Wuniað þa wracan   ond þas woruld healdaþ
brucað þurh bisgo. Blæd is gehnæged.
Eorþan indryhto   ealdað ond searað

Translated this extract chimes with much that's going on in now:

All this noble band has fallen, and joys have departed.
Weak ones now live and hold this world -
They enjoy (or use) it through toil. Glory is brought low.
The earth's nobility grows old and fades.

Seems we have a timeless issue here...