Tuppence a Bag

The bird feeders in our garden have been especially busy recently as the fledglings are now visiting as well as the older birds. Sometimes there is quite a bit of noisy competition for the seeds.

Most of the smaller birds take the seeds from the feeders but the Robin and the Blackbird seem to prefer hoovering up the seeds dropped on the ground by the other birds.

We're also seeing a wider range of birds than in previous years. So far we can count all of the species shown below. Some, including the House Sparrow which used to be so common, are now classified by the RSPB as 'red' meaning that their population has declined by at least 50% in the last 25 years. Watching them feed is enjoyable and, in a small way, we're helping with their conservation.


Blue Tit



Great Tit

Goldfinch and House Sparrow


House Sparrow

Robin Redbreast