Gilbert and Sullivan Festival

This year Bernie and I decided to enjoy the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival throughout August rather than all in one week. The G&S Opera Company is performing in different venues throughout August thereby making this plan fairly straightforward. 2018 is the 25th anniversary of the Festival and, with some gaps, B and I have been going since the beginning! We feel very old!!

In Buxton we saw Pirates of Penzance, Trial by Jury and the Sorcerer and in New Brighton we will be seeing Iolanthe and Pirates of Penzance.

As ever, the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company were fabulous, bringing the operas up to date and to life. The audience was very appreciative, even though the temperatures soared and the Opera House became hotter and hotter! Goodness knows how the performers coped in wigs, thigh length boots and leather coats!

The Sorcerer, my choice this year, is little performed and all the more enjoyable for this. Once again, it was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Coming up is a reprise of Pirates and all-new Iolanthe. Hopefully, the weather will be a little cooler and there won't be a power cut as there was in Buxton!