Anglo-Saxon Winter

The weather has been seasonally cold for the past few weeks, with snow, sleet and ice. I imaine how our Anglo-Saxon ancestors must have felt, living without the benefits of central heating and double glazing! So, borrowing from one of my favourite Bloggers "Speak like an Anglo-Saxon" I offer:

For expressing your discomfort after you've just trudged into work through the snow and the slush:

'My feet were all oppressed with cold' - calde geþrungen wæron mine fet 

When it's really nasty out there and you can't hear anything except the wind and snow:

'I couldn't hear a thing except the roaring sea' - þær ic ne gehyrde butan hlimman sæ

When looking out of the window at Morecambe Bay:

'I lived sorrowfully in the ice-cold sea all winter' - ic earmcearig iscealdne sæ winter wunade

and finally, after a walk and you're soggy and cold, because:

'Hail showers fell' - hægl scurum fleag 

At least, we can keep toasty and warm and pop the kettle on for a hot cup of coffee! Maybe 2019 isn't so bad after all!