Snow on Shap Summit

A sad family event meant that we had to travel north last week, in all the snow and ice. Because of the weather, we decided to travel by train, rather than risk not getting through by car.

Our journey to Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow, took us over Shap, and I was reminded of a Malcolm Saville novel "Strangers at Snowfell" where the main characters are stranded on a train, in heavy snow, on the summit of Shap.

"All that they could see was snow... the snow was piled up against the side of the train. No tree, no building, and no living thing was in sight - only a white waste of snow stretching up and up towards a horizon bounded by the rolling outline of desolate hills.... "

We were glad that we made it safely over Shap and back later in the evening. The weather and the views were stunning and, far superior, from the comfort of the train!