Jonathan Miller's The Mikado

What a fabulous evening at Fellini's in Ambleside, watching the English National Opera performing  G&S's Mikado. Such a treat to see the this Jonathan Miller production streamed to Ambleside!

First, we enjoyed a meal at Zeffirelli's, Fellinis's sister restaurant in Ambleside. Zeff's, as it is affectionately known, is an all vegetarian restaurant, with an interesting menu. We always enjoy a visit to Zeff's, especially the unusual pizza toppings and spicy wedges. This was no exception.

The production was a live broadcast from the London Coliseum with a stellar cast and full orchestra. Costumes and scenery were 1920s and the dancers were amazing. This all added to the usual joy of the Mikado. Strangely, the 1920s setting only enhanced the pleasure and was entirely credible.

Some of the songs were specially adapted to reference current affairs and these caused much laughter in the theatre and cinema.

Jonathan Miller’s iconic production is set in the seaside town of Bournemouth. No stranger to radically updating operas, Miller rejects Gilbert and Sullivan’s Japanese setting in favour of an English 1930s seaside hotel. As The Mikado is a commentary of all things British, from the class system to the cabinet, it made perfect sense to Miller to set is production in England herself. And, it really works!