Palgrave Bargains

At the end of last year a friend emailed me a link to a Palgrave Book Sale. I was very excited! Palgrave Macmillan texts are incredibly expensive, around £100 for a book. The titles and subject matter does tend to be rather niche and I often drool over them in Blackwell's.

I do have a small number of these wonderful books and I have paid full price for them, but I've never felt able to indulge in as many as I would like. So, with the sale reducing every title to £9.99, I went ahead and filled my basket.

The books arrived a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with my haul. They're not to everyone's taste; they are a trifle niche, but I'm reveling in studies of Richard Crashaw and John Donne; Landscape and Literature and a critical exploration of the Literary North.

Such a treat which will add to happy reading for months to come.