B4RN - Déjà Vu

Almost 6 years ago I posted that we had been connected to B4RN - Broadband for the Rural North - a unique not-for-profit service which provides fibre-optic broadband to the premises, giving an amazing connection speed of 1,000 Mbps. All for £30 per month.

And then we moved to a different village, only to find that B4RN had not yet reached it. We had to settle on a speed of about 45 Mbps down the phone line for over £40 per month.

Fast forward to 2020 and we are once again connected to B4RN. About a month ago two of the village volunteers ran the cable through our garden and then through our (3 feet thick) house wall, connecting it to a router on the inside. A few weeks later and we are fully connected.

I popped over to Ookla’s speed test website which confirmed our connection speed at over 900 Mbps so, once again, we have a world class connection. Now, what shall I download first...?