Hilda Hewett

I often browse the interesting Furrowed Middlebrow blog. Like Scott, the "book geek", I love women's fiction from the first half of the Twentieth Century. I also love girls' fiction from the same period, and have a large collection of both.

I was inordinately pleased, a couple of years ago, when Furrowed Middlebrow branched out into publishing, and started republishing long out of print books, from some of my favourite authors. It was at this point that I realised my tastes chimed perfectly with Furrowed Middlebrow - D E Stevenson, Elizabeth Fair and Miss Read. I was also delighted to find Gillian Tindall's mother: Ursula Orange and aunt: Monica Tindall among the republished novels. I have a very soft spot for Gillian Tindall and love all of her books, fiction and non-fiction. I have all of Elizabeth Fair's novels but it is still lovely to see them finding a new audience.

Whilst browsing last week, I spotted a reference to Hilda Hewett in the furrowed one's blog. Not an author I am familiar with. I read on a bit more and discovered a couple of posts dedicated to this author. I was intrigued, so browsed on Abebooks. I struck lucky and discovered that there were a number of Hewett's books available in pristine dustwrappers. They arrived today and I'm delighted and looking forward to reading them and finding out more about this author.