The View from Lockdown Land

As we've spent more time than usual walking round the village, we have enjoyed the views which we normally take for granted and, like everyone, are normally too busy to enjoy as much as we should.

There is a guide to the view from the top of the hill above our house and on a particularly clear day we walked up to see what - and how far - we could see.

We could see more or less every landmark on the guide, including Red Screes which is above the Kirkstone Pass, north of Ambleside, and about 25 miles away, as the crow flies. As we were standing only about 70 metres above sea level we thought this was a pretty good view.
Morecambe Bay on the left, Warton Crag in the centre left, and the Lakeland hills in the distance on the right
We're certainly learning to enjoy our immediate surroundings even more than we did during normal times, as well as taking things at a slower pace. Let's hope we can shift up a gear when restrictions are eased.